James DeCaprio


James Decaprio
Boston, United States of America

Dr. DeCaprio has made numerous fundamental discoveries that form major parts of our current molecular understanding of the role of tumor suppressor genes in alignant transformation. Dr. DeCaprio’s laboratory focuses on understanding the cooperative interactions between DNA tumor viruses and cellular host proteins that conspire to transform cells. This work has illuminated the still complex and incompletely understood transforming mechanism of this family of viruses. He has extensive experience in studying polyomaviruses including SV40 as well as the recently described Merkel cell polyomavirus. Dr. DeCaprio has performed seminal studies in understanding control of the mammalian cell cycle. These studies have led to a series of new insights into how cells regulate the cell cycle in both normal and malignant cells and what happens to those controls when transforming viruses are present. In addition to the research in his own laboratory, Dr. DeCaprio directed the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Monoclonal Antibody Core for 10 years. Under Dr. DeCaprio’s guidance, this Core supported more than 300 projects with investigators throughout the DF/HCC.

Dr. DeCaprio has a long and extensive experience in mentoring and guiding trainees. In his laboratory, he has mentored 24 post-doctoral fellows, 12 PhD graduate students and 8 post-baccalaureate research assistants, nearly all have continued a career in science in academy or industry. He directed the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences course in “Biology of the Cancer Cell” for 8 years. He has also directed several Nanocourses (8 hour contact time) at Harvard Medical School. Currently, he directs a January term symposium “Topics in Viral Oncology” and teaches a Proposal Writing Course for PhD candidates in preparation for their Preliminary Qualifying Exams. In addition, he has served on more than 35 Dissertation Advisory Committees and more than 45 Dissertation Defense Committees as well as several mentoring committees for junior faculty at DFCI. He has been recognized for his teaching by Harvard Medical School with the Biological and Biomedical Sciences “Award for Teaching” and for his mentorship by Harvard University with the “Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award”.

Dr. DeCaprio is a member of the Hematologic Malignancies Division at DFCI/BWH Cancer Center and serves regularly as an attending physician on the Hematologic Malignancies Service at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he trains medical students, Internal Medicine residents and Medical Oncology fellows. He is a member of the Harvard Medical School Admissions Committee and the DF/PCC Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Selection Committee.

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