Axel zur Hausen

Axel zur Hausen
Professor of Pathology

Maastricht UMC, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Professor Axel zur Hausen was trained in Surgical Pathology at the University Departments of Pathology in Zürich, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam, and received his board certification in 2002.
In January 2004 he received his Ph.D. at the Free University Amsterdam. From 2002 to 2004 he worked as pathologist at the Institute of Pathology of the University Hospital in Cologne, Germany. In July 2004 he was appointed Full University Professor at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and in 2005 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Institute of Pathology.
Since 2010, he is University Professor of Pathology and chair of the Department of Pathology at Maastricht University Medical Center, the Netherlands. His main diagnostic interest is oncopathology and his research mainly focusses on virus associated cancers, e.g. Epstein-Barr virus associated gastric carcinomas, and virus associated non melanoma skin cancers such as the Merkel cell carcinoma. Currently he is member of the Editorial board of the Journal of Medical Virology and the American Journal of Blood Research and member of the Scientific and Ethics Advisory Board of IMMOMEC. 

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